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We Made the News

Posted by nattya61 on October 7, 2009

Sort of. It happened again. While I was getting ready for work yesterday morning another surge happened. We lost the microwave (not ours…the apartment peeps better give us a new one), and two surge protectors, but the new tv is still going strong. Thank goodness! We spent most of the day in another apartment and running around trying to get people to tell us what was going on and what they were going to do to fix it. I did at least feel vindication yesterday. “Never satisfied” my ass! I had to rub that one in douche’s face a little bit. I was fuming yesterday morning to say the least. Then by the afternoon I was crying from frustration and exhaustion.

Yesterday evening they put an industrial surge protector on the building and are going to replace the master switch on the building on Tuesday. The could have replaced it today, for $7000, but it will cost around only $2500 to change it next week (shipping I’m assuming…or getting a different one, I don’t know). The rich old lady who runs the building tried to be all, “We’re spending a lot of money to get it fixed,” without knowing that I realize to people like her and to corporations like Debco, $7000 isn’t a lot of money at all. They are just being cheap.  

They treat the people in our apartments like idiots because they just assume, if we are living in a cheap apartment we must be uneducated and ignorant. Granted, some who live there are (I’m thinking of the old man in the building next to ours with his mail order bride…man, that guy is something else), but most (especially the ones I’ve met from my building) are just normal people who can’t for differing reasons spend a lot on rent right now, so they live there, in a cute little apartment that they expect to be kept safe. Still, Debco doesn’t seem to have met the likes of a Pace woman before, and I don’t care how much I piss them off, but I will not leave them alone until I’m sure this is fixed.

Debco is trying to get City Utilities to change the transformer outside of the building. I don’t know if that’s the problem or not, but it sure couldn’t work to have some new equipment out there. City Utilities is as bad, if not possibly worse, than Debco. I might have to start calling them. Ugh…I so don’t look forward to that since with them I won’t really have the names of the people who to bother the most. Guess I have some more research to do.

We’re going to Salem this weekend just to get away for a while. Yay, homecooked food! I am unbelievably excited.


So is Nick!


One Response to “We Made the News”

  1. Emily said

    😦 Sorry you have to go through all that! I hope they get it fixed where ya’ll can feel safe. Have a wonderful, RELAXING weekend!

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