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There’s Electricity in the Air…

Posted by nattya61 on October 5, 2009

Literally. The weekend started off good enough. We got all the grocery shopping out of the way Thursday and Friday, then Saturday afternoon, while we were getting ready to start our relaxing day, at exactly noon there was a power surge. I was sitting on the bed and heard what sounded like the light bulbs exploding in the bathroom where Bryan was taking a shower. I got up and started walking towards the bathroom (where it was getting really bright, then dim, then bright again) and noticed the surge protector by our television starting to spark. I grabbed Nicholas at the same time Bryan ran in there and unplugged the surge protector and television (which for some reason was plugged into the wall and not into the surge protector), but it was too late for the poor tv and converter box. It was smoking and sizzling by this time.

We hurried around and got dressed and packed Nick a bag. I wasn’t really sure what was going on, but I was sure that we were going to get Nicholas outside. I had him on the floor in the living room, not even thinking about it, and when I bent over to pick him up I heard what sounded like the living room tv sizzling. I again cussed and picked Nick up, Bryan unplugged the surge protector, and we got out of the house. (We later figured out I didn’t hear the tv, but I heard the surge protector behind it essentially doing it’s job and burning up before the electricity could get to the television, DVD player, and our Wii.) I called Debco and the fire department. The were there in less than 5 minutes (the fire department, not Debco, of course).

We were outside until 3PM until they finally figured out there was no fire and we could go back in. The electric came back on around 6PM. We found out we only lost our bedroom tv, converter box, 2 surge protectors, and Bryan’s alarm clock that he’s had since he was a kid. Yesterday we went and spent (charged) about $550 to replace everything and buy really really really good surge protectors incase this ever happens again.  And we got a sweet new 32 inch flat screen HDTV. Oh yeah!  Yes, it’ll take a year to pay off, but technically, this was an emergency.

The lights that have flickered since we’ve moved in are still flickering. Which brings us to today. Obviously, I’ve been worried about this all weekend.  I’ve known something wasn’t right for a while now, so this morning I called Debco again. I spoke to Judy, she said electricians were on their way. Then, the woman hung up on me! Yeah, Debco has extremely bad customer service and this woman might as well be Ursula, but as long as they fix it, I don’t care. Bryan said the electricians actually seem to know what they are talking about today and they are going to do a number of things and work on actually getting this problem fixed so I don’t have to worry about the building catching on fire. Wohoo! They said the wiring is actually only 20 years old and is ok, but they are checking on the connections as well as what’s coming in from CU. I tell you, if it’s CU screwing us over…grr. But, to end this…since I’m tired of writing about it for now. At least someone is there trying to fix it. Thank you!!

The electric company guys were there when I was home from lunch. They are great! They also seemed to care and understand that yes, this is a real issue that needs to be dealt with, unlike the Debco people. The Debco man…I’m not sure of his name or title.  He seems to always show up when there’s maintenance needed (Note: It’s not Truman, our maintenance guy for the building specifically…because Truman is really nice and helps when he can.). Anyway, this douche has the gall to say to Bryan (before I get there but obviously referring to me), “Some people are never satisfied,” with his high and mighty tone. Um…yeah. Not satisfied because the apartment is unsafe. I’d say I’m unsatisfied and with good reason, so that ignorant old you-know-what-I’m-thinking can shove it. As long they fix the problem they can think what they want. My goal in life isn’t to be liked except by those I care about. End of story.

Thus, I hope they fix it. And soon. But at least they are working on it and the electricians they hired this time seem like intelligent competent people. That’s a vast improvement.


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