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What’s Up? Not Much…for now.

Posted by nattya61 on October 1, 2009

Since work is pretty much at a standstill right now (complicated story…new program…blah blah), I figured I’d blab a little on here.

Last night I watched Nic Cage’s Knowing. It was visually a good film, and the story started off good enough, but then it went bad. Very bad. Mix cheese with overwrought religious allegory and you’ve pretty much got the last half of the film. Again, it was still pretty, but pretty won’t make a film. I want that hour of my life back.

I can’t stop buying stuff for Nicholas. It’s an addiction, like my coupons. Today I bought him an Oscar the Grouch shirt (because he is the best character on Sesame Street…too bad they had to tone him down from his early years’ bitchiness), a Superman shirt, and another pair of comfy pants. Nick’s big little belly is way more comfy in elastic waste pants than in jeans. I feel ya my baby.

I bought me a new pair of jeans too. My postpartum body is a bit different from prebaby. I’m in the same size for the most part, but different brands just don’t fit anymore. New York and Co. has absolutely nothing in the store that fits me right anymore, but Old Navy still fits like it always did. Weird, yes. Oh well. Tis life. I’m used to clothes fitting weird. With America’s obsession with big boobs you think it would be easy to find a shirt to fit some DD’s…but then you’d be wrong. Unless it’s stretchy, it’s not gonna happen.

Bryan’s off tonight. I’m sooo glad! Yes, we could use the money, but I need some sanity. And Bryan is my sanity. Seriously, how did I find him. He’s intelligent, funny, sweet, cuddly, strong, respectful, insightful, and understands things. He doesn’t just understand me, but he gets stuff. All my little references to random things, he understands! It’s really pretty amazing. He spoils me.

So tonight the plan is supper, nap with my men, some Target time, little man to bed, and then spend the rest of the night cuddling and smooching with my big man. Fringe and Flash Forward are on too!  Perfection!



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