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Posted by nattya61 on September 22, 2009

No, this isn’t a post about the X-Files episode. It’s literally about a paperclip. I thought I would share with you all one of my many little quirks.

You see, I’ve always liked to chew on things. As a baby I would try to chew on gravel, which bugged my mom to no end. When I was a kid I’d chew up Barbie and Ken’s feet like I was a puppy. Even today I can’t sit at work all day without something to chomp on. I learned my lessions with pens. Bite too hard and you’ll end up with ink all over the place. So, a few years ago I started chewing on paperclips. I’ll open it up, keeping one end curved, and chew on that thing all day. Is it sanitary? Probably not. Sometimes I’ll forget about it and still be chewing away on it while I walk to the printer or to the breakroom. The problem is, I lose it all the time. I found three under my desk a couple weeks ago. I’ll keep making new ones though. Heck, in an office there is a neverending supply. I have to have my paperclip.

Can’t let you go without a Nick pic!
Bath Time


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