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Another Monday *almost* Down

Posted by nattya61 on September 21, 2009

Today was the first Monday without a Guiding Light in this world. Even though I haven’t watched the show for probably ten years, it still makes me sad. Seventy-two years is a long time to be on the air. The characters, as cheesy as they were, became family. Now they are gone and I miss them…probably moreso because I know Grandma would miss them too.

Nicholas seems to be growing by mental leaps and bounds lately. He’s just the most alert little thing I think I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t miss anything. He’s really trying to eat our food now which is so funny. He’s like Foxy. Haha!  He’ll look back and forth and me and Bryan to see who’s going to give him a bite next. He knows if I’ve given him the first one then Bryan will give him the second and so forth. We learned over the weekend that he likes McDonald’s fries. We didn’t let him try anything else there, yet, though. Nick was also sad that Jason was too busy to come over and talk. How cute it that! He already loves his cousin Jason.

Today Nicholas isn’t such a happy boy. It’s Monday and he hates Mondays. Maybe he misses Guiding Light too. Actually, he’s been mad at Bryan all day because this morning breakfast didn’t go exactly as Nick wanted it. He wanted oatmeal and he wanted it fast. Well, he got rice and it came slower than Nick expected. Yes, he is a mini-Grandpa Pace. Hilarious for me, not so much for Bryan.

After thirty more minutes of work, I get to go home in the hopes that Nick will treat me better tonight than he’s been treating Bryan today. Haha! He’s my baby!



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