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Weekends Are Too Short

Posted by nattya61 on September 14, 2009

We had a pretty good weekend the past two days. Saturday morning we rested, that afternoon we shopped, and that evening Jason and Stacy came over to see little Nicholas! Nick absolutely loves Stacy! He would just grin so big when she was holding him. Nick doesn’t like other kids that well yet (he may never…heck, I never really did except for my close circle of friends), but he loves getting attention from adults. Maybe he thinks they are going to feed him. 

On Sunday Bryan had to go into work for a couple hours, but Nick and I stayed home all day. I even got in a nap while Bryan cooked dinner! Yes, it was awesome! I haven’t taken a long nap like that in months.

Here are some recent pictures of Nicholas. He’s my cute little boy!



This is his mad “I want outta here” face.

He looks like Bryan’s mom in this one. So cute!

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 Sleepy and not wanting to cooperate.


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