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Halloween, Another Reason I’m Glad Nick’s a Boy

Posted by nattya61 on September 8, 2009

Yesterday we took Nick to the Halloween store just to look around. We’re not buying him a costume this year because well…he’s not even one yet. However, we still like looking at all the Halloween stuff. As we were looking at all the cute Spiderman and Batman costumes (no Superman at Spirit *aka old Circuit City building*) and other cute little boy costumes, we then ran across the “Tween” section. For those of you who don’t know, the term tween refers to age 8-12, pre-teen. The costumes looked like this. Yeah, I think I’ve seen that same costume at Priscilla’s.

Now, I grew up in a pretty liberal household. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. But, if I wanted to wear a costume like that (even if I had the body to pull it off) my parents would have been like, “Oh hell no!” If an 18 year old wants to go out and look like a slut, that’s her business…and Halloween is a time to play, so why not.  But…an 8-12 year old as these costumes are marketed to…Um..Oh hell no!  Talk about the sexualization of children.  I’m going to teach Nick when he’s older to walk up to a girl wearing an outfit like that and ask, “Why did you want to be a whore for Halloween?” Mainly cause it’ll be funny, but also because I’m really curious of the answer. Poor girls.

Thus, just another reason I’m glad Nick is a boy.


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