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Posted by nattya61 on August 20, 2009

So, I’ve recently realized that I’m a total coupon whore. I used to never use them. Mom didn’t use them because back then most coupons were buy two and then save, and for those of you who knew my mom, you know that she never bought two of anything…unless it was like two potatoes. She would have bought only three or so eggs if the store would have let her take them out of the carton. That’s just how she was. She would always cut coupons out too. Just for fun I guess because I think I maybe saw her use one once sometime or another. 

Now, though, I am addicted to coupon hunting! I probably save $50 a month by using coupons. No, that’s not quite up to the level of those people you hear about on tv who basically get their groceries for free by using coupons, but still…I think $50 bucks is a lot. If we add on my JCPenney and Kohl’s coupons and shopping at Children’s Orchard, we probably saved over $200 in the past two months on other things like clothes and toys for Nick and a few items for me and Bryan.

So, for those of you who want to know what I do…here’s the lowdown:

– Visit the websites of the stores where you like to shop. Often they have coupons on the site and at places like Target you can sign up to receive coupons in the mail.
– Don’t throw away those circulars you get in the mail. They might contain some good offers.
– Be flexible. If you want cereal and you find a Kix coupon, then you buy Kix.
– Realize the coupon isn’t always the best deal. Sometimes the Target brand stuff is cheaper than name brand stuff even with a coupon.
– Look for sales and use a coupon on something that’s already on sale, creating double savings.
– Always go to the store with a list. This alone, even without coupons, has saved us money.
– Search, search, search. Google the product you want, visit that product’s website, or visit websites like these:

For that last one, try numerous zip codes. The coupons all work in every zip code, but different coupons come up based on the zip code entered. One time a certain zip code in Missouri let a coupon come up for a free gallon of milk.

I’ve also been sending away for a lot of free samples, but you know how the mail is.  I may get them, I may not. I’ll let you know.

Happy shopping!


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