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School Supplies…Crap!

Posted by nattya61 on August 4, 2009

Since school is starting soon, though I know not for Nick for a few more years, I decided to look and see how much school supplies cost nowadays. Things seem about the same as when I was in school. The scary part, though, is the kindergarten supply list for where Nick will be going to school. I figured it up and there’s over $100 of stuff on there!  Oh my frickin god!  Seriously, what do people with like three kids do?  I mean, yeah, it’s their fault for breeding so much, but damn! Better start buying now.

My other beef…the rule that they can’t have school parties on their birthdays but the parent can bring “healthy” snacks made commercially for the class to share. Guess that means no cupcakes. Um…it’s not a birthday unless you’ve got sugar mixed with fat. Even though the homeschool nuts really bother me, this makes the idea slightly more appealing. Though, I’d probably be the only one homeschooling because I hate how the school bans cupcake giving. Oh well. Guess I won’t really get all pissy about it until they start banning what they can bring in their lunches.



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