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My Little Man

Posted by nattya61 on July 21, 2009


He’s getting so big!  Those are 18 month shorts. I bought them at Target on sale for $1.50 thinking, oh, they’ll fit eventually or he can wear them around the house this winter. Yeah, they fit now. They are long, but they fit perfectly everywhere else. That’s a 12 month shirt too (also from Target) that I think we bought while I was still pregnant. Nicholas is only three and a half months old. He’s going to be taller than me by the time he’s a teenager. He’s my adorable little man!

Nick and MommyWe took him to the park again on Saturday. He had fun, I think, but overall he was not impressed. He basically just wanted me to hold him. Bryan and I enjoyed getting a chance to just relax outside, though. And, Bryan didn’t get poison ivy. Yay!

So far Nicholas is more comfortable at the mall than outside. Maybe he’ll grow up to be just like his mommy. Haha!

IMG_0389He likes to stick his tongue out a lot. We don’t know why, but usually when we tell him to stick it back in he does it. I just didn’t catch it here until I’d already taken the picture. Oh well. He’s still a cute little thing. And best of all, he loves the X-Files!  Seriously.


IMG_0393You can’t see it, but he’s grinning. We watched all things with the commentary track by Gillian Anderson on and he cooed the whole time. I think Scully is his first crush. I knew he was a smart boy!


2 Responses to “My Little Man”

  1. Mikki Raulston said

    Natalie you’re starting him out right by watching the X -files! Its the best show on earth!

    • Natty said

      Mikki, I never knew you liked the X-Files! It’s my favorite show. I have them all on DVD. The day the new movie came out was the day I found out I was pregnant. 🙂

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