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Another Friday

Posted by nattya61 on July 17, 2009

So, I haven’t had the most productive week. At work anyway. At home, things have been pretty good. I’ve learned how to bargain shop. Yes, a girl who would never buy off brand stuff can now buy a week’s worth of groceries for me and Bryan (because we already had formula) for $40. I’m so good! This includes dessert too. No matter how poor we are I will not forgo dessert. I might have to make it myself instead of going out for gourmet ice cream, but that’s ok. Everything to make a banana cream/pudding pie only costs about $4 and I can make a quiche with the other pie shell.

Yes, I am boring. But, when you don’t have the money to go out and do stuff, you do the best with what you’ve got.  We can entertain ourselves by taking Nicholas to the park, watching a NetFlix movie, and still come home to seafood pasta and pie.



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