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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Posted by nattya61 on July 10, 2009

My family is always telling me how lucky I am to be married to Bryan who is an awesome husband and father.  I absolutely agree!  He is the best!  But, I think a big reason I waited for a guy like Bryan to come along was because of my dad. 

Dad and Me

Daddy wasn’t your typical husband and father of his generation.  He was  loving and caring, but he didn’t do it in such a way as to follow typical gender stereotypes of his day.  Dad would help around the house, he helped take care of me, he helped take care of Mom when she was sick. I saw him tear up at my wedding, and I saw him get excited at seeing his grandson for the first time. He taught me not to settle. He taught me to respect myself enough to be myself and to find someone to share my life with who respects me to and who loves me for who I am, not for who I’m “supposed” to be.

Daddy turns 61 today, but he acts like a 31 year old (and looks like it other than the gray in his hair).  I love you Daddy!  Happy Birthday!

Dad and Nicholas


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